Abington School Building Committee (ASBC)

  • Rolls of carpet waiting to be installed in new 750-seat Auditorium
  • Front facade's window wall provides free lighting in Middle School cafeteria
  • View from 1st floor of High School / Courtyard (Jan 2017)
  • New school library under construction (Jan 2017)
  • View overlooking future AHS cafeteria (Jan 2017)
  • Science classrooms will have updated science & safety equipment
  • High School classroom view of playing fields (Jan 2017)
  • View of new 750-seat Auditorium (Jan 2017)
  • View inside classroom wing (Aug 2016)
  • Classroom hallways under construction in Aug 2016

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...to the informational website for the Abington School Building Committee (ASBC). We invite you to check this website often and use it to locate accurate and up-to-date information. =========================== The Abington School Committee and the Abington School Building Committee are excited toannounce that our New School will be openingapproximately 4 months ahead of schedule!Grades 5-12 and Pre-K will ALL start their 2017-18 school yearin our new school building; grades 3 & 4 will be atWoodsdale School; and grades K-2 will share theBeaver Brook Elementary School.  We have a LOT ofmoving and relocating to do this summer!! NEW VIDEO TOURS! Just released in January 2017!!Click on the following link:https://youtu.be/uhKMkImb9AEto "walk" through the building while it's under construction(Video is 14 minutes with music) Please click on this line:https://youtu.be/9Tvh9gFQPPQfor our November 2016 video tour!(8:40 minutes / no audio) Click on this linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cemG4W1lbJ0to watch a 9:20 minute tour of Abington's school construction site(as of Sept 13, 2016) or go back in time by clicking on:https://youtu.be/2h0utS6n9u8to watch a 9:20 minute video tour (with no audio)as of July 19, 2016 =================================Ahead of Schedule?     YES!
Still on Budget?            YES!
More work to be done?  YES!Opening in Fall 2017?    YES!  Would you like to watch ourLive Video Camera Feedof the Construction Site? Click on the camera icon below and when prompted for a Username and Password, use the following: Username:    abingtonPassword:   abington  NOTE:  For best results, we recommend using Google Chromeor Mozilla Firefox to view the video feed,as Internet Explorer does not work reliably with the video feed. August/Sept 2016:  Our general contractor Brait Buildersremains ahead of schedule, now that most of the windows,masonry and exterior trim are nearing completion.Our two synthetic turf playing fields are now open for use,and temporary paved parking lots have been installed onthe west side and east side of the existing high school building.June/July 2016:  Good weather helped us complete thesteel erection work a bit ahead of schedule, and exteriorbrick walls are now being laid on the high school (eastern)side of the building.  The synthetic turf playing surface isbeing installed, after laser grading the entire area.  Interiorwalls continue to be erected, and windows started beinginstalled in late July.  Sewer, gas and electric connectionswere installed in the former AHS Gym parking lot area.May 2016: The site remained busy with steel deckingand concrete floorings being installed throughout the building.Roofers continued their work, and over 60% of major sitedrainage structures were installed. Light towers & outdoorscoreboards were installed, but will not be connected to electricity until next year.  The facade of the buildingcontinues to take shape as the summer approaches!April 2016: Hundreds of residents signed the ceremonial white steel beam, which will be added to theschool's steel structure later this month. Most or all ofthe steel framing should be completed by the end of April.March 2016:  Steel erection has begun, working fromthe rear of the building (Gym area) and moving towardto the front of the school!  The building's entire foundationshould be completed by mid-March.  Base materials forthe synthetic turf fields and the field lighting poles arebeing installed, and about half of the site's undergrounddrainage system is now complete.Feb 2016:  Site work continues with good weather;steel beams are expected to be delivered to the site by the end of this month for erection of the building frame.Jan 2016:  80% of foundation walls have been installed,and construction of synthetic playfield area has started;portions of new drainage system have been installed.Nov 2015:  Mobilization of equipment and clearing of the site,with foundation work soon to follow  Most of our School Building Committee meetings havebeen taped for playback on local cable TV, so you canwatch our meetings on TV or on your computer bywatching the video at  www.AbingtonCAM.org  To see computer-generated renderings ofwhat certain areas of the new school will contain,CLICK HERE NOW! and see even more renderings byCLICKING HERE!  October/November 2015:The Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) awarded the general construction contract for Abington's new 235,370 s.f. Middle/High School to Brait Builders Corporation of Marshfield.Brait's total approved contact amount was $78.91 million andincludes the construction of a new state-of-the-art andenergy efficient pre-school, middle school (grades 5-8) andhigh school (grades 9-12) with two new synthetic turf fieldsand field lights.  The ASBC is very pleased to report that thiscontract amount is within the Town-approved project budget. Click on "Timeline & Process" on the LEFT side of this webpagefor more details about construction and occupancy schedules.  

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Floor Plans for the new school? To review the current floor plans (as of March 2015) for Abington's new Middle/High School, please CLICK HERE to open a PDF file on your computer.  To go back in time and review Abington's preliminarybuilding plans and drawings,click on the below image of the new school.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Abington School Building Committee is to collaborate with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in conducting a Feasibility Study to determine the most fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solution to the identified problems of overcrowding at the elementary level and a lack of educationally appropriate space at the secondary level.

The Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) is comprised of the following Abington residents and town officials, representing a broad spectrum of our community and bringing varied personal resources and professional experience to this project:

Committee Members

Name Title
Richard Testa Resident / ASBC Chairperson
Kevin Atkinson Asst Principal, Frolio Middle School
Kathy Bailey Resident / School Committee member
Ronald Blanchard Resident / Architect
Andy Burbine Resident / Board of Selectmen Member
David Drew Resident
Robert Manning Resident / Board of Selectmen Member
Roseanne Kurposka Principal, Frolio Middle School
Richard Lafond Town Manager
Jannette Leary Resident
Jason Linn School Building Maintenance Foreman
Michael Lyons Resident
Mattthew MacCurtain Principal, Woodsdale School
Keri Maguire Resident
Felicia Moschella Asst Supt of Schools for Business & Finance
Shawn Reilly Resident
Peter G. Schafer Superintendent of Schools
Peter Serino Abington High School Teacher
Jessica Sullivan Asst. Principal, Abington High School
Teresa Sullivan Principal, Abington High School
Peter Walters Resident / Finance Committee member
James West Resident
George Whiting Resident