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Update June 2015:

On June 17, 2015, the ASBC hosted another public information forum in order to provide residents with updated information and views of the updated design plans.  Click on the link below to review the slide presentation which was shown at the Public Forum, and which contains anticipated construction and occupancy schedules, floor plans, and computer-generated renderings of the new Abington Middle/High School.

Public Forum Slide Show


Update March 2015:

Please take a few minutes to review the updated floor plans (1st floor and 2nd floor), as well as a series of computer renderings of DRAFT interior layouts of the future Middle/High School, by clicking on the following links:

Floor Plans (1st & 2nd floors)

Interior Views 1 of 2

Interior Views 2 of 2

The documents which can be viewed by clicking the above links
are current drafts as of March 2015 and are subject to further change and refinement.


Update September 2013:

On September 9, 2013, a special presentation was madeto a Joint Meeting of Abington's Board of Selectmenand School Committee.  Please take a minute to reviewthe presentation materials below, which is a summaryof the Feasibility Study work completed to date:

School Building Committee Presentation 09-09-13

A copy of the current draft of the entire Feasibility Study  is available below for your review:

Abington's School Feasibility Study
Draft Report submitted 9/18/13
Table of Contents
Section Title Content Section Title Content
1 - Major Milestones Timeline 1 page 7 - Space Summary 12 pages
2 - Facilities Evaluation 68 pages 8 - Options Considered 16 pages
3- Site Evaluations Summary 32 pages 9 - Evaluation Matrix 1 page
4 - Educational Visioning Summary 28 pages 10 - Draft of Cost Analysis Options 6 pages
5 - Educational Programming 26 pages 11 - Cost of New School vs Renovation 4 pages
6 - Introduction Document 6 pages 12 - Review of Major Milestones 1 page
Complete Feasibility Study Report Part 1 (Sections 1-3)
Complete Feasibility Study Report Part 2 (Sections 4-12)

More Background Information:

For even more information about how this process startedand to where it will lead, see the link below to review informationabout some previous studies completed in Abington and a general timeline of the expected process required bythe state for the Massachusetts School Building Authority'sschool building construction grant program.

August 2012 Presentation