How will the new or renovated school improve the delivery of curriculum? Or why will a new or renovated school help us provide a better education to our town's children?

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There are many examples of how this will happen.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • Every classroom in the new school will have wireless access providing teachers with the ability to integrate technology efficiently and effectively whenever and wherever it is appropriate.
  • Educational spaces will be larger, allowing students to take advantage of a variety of group teaching strategies and instructional strategies within one classroom.
  • Specialized classrooms (the arts, technology, foreign language, Special Education, sciences, etc) will have updated resources and equipment, allowing teachers to deliver more real world applications and allowing students to take advantage of learning in a 21st century environment.
  • Science labs will have appropriate space for students to work, proper gas and electrical services, improved safety equipment (eye washes, fume hoods, chemical storage, etc) and appropriate prep and lecture/lab space allowing students to the ability to partake in 21st century science experiences.
  • A safe, modern and updated school building will assist our town in attracting and keeping our best and most innovative teachers, instead of losing talent to other nearby towns with better learning environments.