Why do we need a new or renovated school?

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New school renovation and construction utilizes much more of today's needed technology and updates the technology infrastructure. This improves the opportunity for student achievement by providing programs and educational space directed toward better delivery of what today’s students are required to know and be able to do. The requirements for today's students are more rigorous than yesterday's. Presently, students must be proficient with new technologies and demonstrate 21st century skills. Classrooms which can provide learning space for larger groups of students, private instruction areas for those with special or medical needs, up-to-date science labs, and all classrooms with sufficient power and wiring for computer and video technologies are needed. By integrating technologies in all spaces and expanding learning environments throughout the building, specialized classrooms (foreign language, music arts, technology engineering, etc.) will have updated resources and equipment to allow students to experience more real world and current instruction.  Larger rooms will enable students to participate in a wider variety of groupings and shared instructional strategies within one classroom. Science classrooms will have safe and appropriate lab space, experimental instruments, and integrated storage and prep space to allow our students to partake in experiments to achieve 21st century skills and global competency.  New school designs also provide healthier learning environments for our children and school community by utilizing improved lighting, better air circulation and ventilation, more efficient climate controls, and safer security systems.  Abington's proposed project (which will be defined upon the completion of our feasibility study) will provide modernized and improved school community space for teaching and learning, for physical education and performing/visual arts, for sports and auditorium uses, and for library/media center needs.