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Question:  Which Other Local Towns have Built a New School
or completed a Major School Renovation Project within the Last 20 Years?
Answer:  According to the Massachusetts School Building Authority,
every community out of 38 local cities and towns
has completed a Major School Renovation Project
or completed a New School Construction Project
within the last 20 years... Except for one town:
==  Abington  ==

See Map below (click for a larger version), which is based on information compiled
from the Massachusetts School Building Authority's state website

Note:  The term "Major Renovation" (shown in yellow and orange on the above map) is the categorization utilized by the MSBA to identify projects which have completed comprehensive renovations that go well beyond those associated with a window, roof or boiler replacement project AND which also addressed the long-term comprehensive needs of their school facilities, both physically and educationally.

The MSBA has a SEPARATE category for those limited projects which repaired or replaced roofs, windows, or boilers -- those projects are categorized as "Green Repair" projects. The majority of cities and towns in Massachusetts (including Abington) have completed at least one Green Repair Project, but these types of projects are not classified as or considered by the MSBA to be Major Renovation Projects.

What does the above data from the MSBA tell us?
Abington is the ONLY local town which has NOT completed a Major School Renovation Project or a New School Construction Project within the last 20 years  ... in fact,

Abington has not undertaken a major renovation project
or a new school construction project In Over 50 Years

...and the MSBA will vote on Sept 24th whether to award Abington a state school construction grant to pay for approximately half of the cost to build a new Abington School!

Do You Remember When?
For a brief history of past school construction in Abington, click here

What benefits will a new technologically-updated Middle/High School Building provide to our students and to our community? or How will a new school enchance our school system? Click here for more information.

What will the Tax Impact be on your Property?
With the assistance of our Town Treasurer, we have prepared
a chart to help you estimate the tax impact if

  1. the state pays $50 million of the $96.4 million project cost
  2. the town borrows $46 million to pay its share
  3. the town borrows the money over a 30-year term
  4. the town obtains an interest rate between 3.5% - 4.5%

The chart indicates the various estimated tax payments due
for the first year (decreasing each following year)
for several levels of "Assessed Values of Property"
To review the costs and values, please click on the Cost/Value icon below:

We've been trying to do our homework!
In April 2014, members of the Abington School Building Committee,
local residents and town officials toured 5 local schools
which were funded by MSBA construction grants:
East Bridgewater, Rockland, Hanover, Hingham and Marshfield

Would you like to take a look at some photos?
View Photos from April 2014 Tours of other Local Schools Funded by MSBA Grants

To review the draft plans to replace our
1937 Middle School and 1963 High School buildings
with one new consolidated building, featuring...

  • Separate Wing for students in Grades 5-8
  • 5th&6th Grades share 1st floor;  7th & 8th Grades share 2nd floor
  • Separate Wing for students in Grades 9-12
  • Offices, Library and common areas situated between the two wings
  • Each wing will have separate bus transportation and staggered open/close times
  • One kitchen serves separate lunch areas for Middle & High School students
  • Auditorium for school assemblies, drama shows & concerts, public speaking, etc
  • Updated science and technology to educate students for tomorrow's jobs
  • Energy efficiency, "daylighting", and safety enhancements throughout building
  • Playing fields will be reconstructed with drainage systems

...Take a Look! (click on each image to see a much larger version)

Updated! Click Here
to see May 16th drafts of Plans for New School
including Preliminary "bird's eye" views of
school building and more building elevation views

Click Here to see April 17th drafts of Plans for New School,
including draft layouts of High School Art Classroom,
Project Seminar Room, and Special Education "Life Skills" area

Click Here to see March 21st drafts of Plans for New School
including draft layouts of Library / Media Center, High School Art
and Digital Media Classrooms, Middle School Art Classrooms &
 Project Based Learning Labs, School Auditorium, High School
Science Classroom, and each school's Office/Nurse/Guidance area

Why did the Building Committee, Board of Selectmen and School Committee all endorse the construction of a new school building instead of proposing to expand and renovate one of our existing buildings?

Because the proposal to construct a new school building....

  1. Saves money:  Costs less than all addition/renovation proposals viable for the site
  2. Saves time:  Can be completed 1 year sooner than all renovation/addition proposals
  3. Abington High can be fully operational while new building is constructed
  4. No need to relocate students to different buildings during construction
  5. New construction achieves higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs
  6. New school provides higher quality educational design
  7. Renovation proposals required compromises in final design, quality of facilities and educational program integration
  8. New construction requires smaller building footprint than all renovation options
  9. Superior separation and segregation of middle school students from high school students

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