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to the informational website for the Abington School Building Committee.
The Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) hopes you will visit frequently
to find up-to-date information about the project.  
We invite you to check this website often
and hope you will use it to locate accurate and up-to-date information. 

The mission of the Abington School Building Committee is to collaborate with the
Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) in conducting a Feasibility Study
to determine the most fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solution
to the identified problems of overcrowding at the elementary level
and a lack of educationally appropriate space at the secondary level.

To review the DRAFT plans to replace our
1937 Middle School and 1963 High School buildings
with one new consolidated building, featuring...

  • Separate Wing for students in Grades 5-8
  • 5th&6th Grades share 1st floor;  7th & 8th Grades share 2nd floor
  • Separate Wing for students in Grades 9-12
  • Offices, Library and common areas separate the two wings
  • Each wing will have separate bus transportation and staggered open/close times
  • One kitchen serves separate lunch areas for Middle & High School students
  • Auditorium for school assemblies, drama shows & concerts, public speaking, etc
  • Updated science and technology to educate students for tomorrow's jobs
  • Energy efficiency, "daylighting", and safety enhancements throughout building
  • Playing fields will be reconstructed with drainage systems
...Take a Look !
to see April 17th drafts of Plans for New School

 2152014_105304_2.png      CLICK HERE
to see March 21st drafts of Plans for New School

Why did the Building Committee, Board of Selectmen and School Committee
all endorse the construction of a new school building
instead of proposing to expand and renovate one of our existing buildings?

Because the proposal to construct a NEW school building....

        1.  Saves money:  Costs less than all addition/renovation proposals viable for the site
        2.  Saves time:  Can be completed 1 year sooner than all renovation/addition proposals
        3.  Abington High can be fully operational while new building is constructed
        4.  No need to relocate students to different buildings during construction
        5.  New construction achieves higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs
        6.  New school provides higher quality educational design
        7. Renovation proposals required compromises in final design, quality of facilities
                and educational program integration
        8.  New construction requires smaller building footprint than all renovation options
        9.  Superior separation and segregation of middle school students from high school students

(April 2014)

Great News!
At the March 26th meeting of the Massachusetts School Building Authority's
Board of Directors, the Board voted unanimously to approve Abington's proposed
Grades 5-8 & 9-12 school building project with an adjacent Pre-Kindergarten area,
and thereby authorized the Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) and
its professional team to move forward into the "Preferred Schematic Design Phase".  

This is a huge milestone for Abington's proposed school building project,
and the MSBA's approval is a testament to the hard work and comprehensive research
that the Abington School Building Committee has undertaken during the last two years.

The ASBC must now continue forward with the development of
detailed schematic building floor plans and site plans for eventual submission to the
Massachusetts School Building Authority later this summer.  
The MSBA's authorization to proceed into the "Preferred Schematic Design Phase"
also confirms that our Building Committee has thus far complied with all regulations
and deadlines required for the Town of Abington to remain on track to qualify
for MSBA school construction grant money.  
Based on historical data, it is expected that Abington's project could qualify for MSBA
state grant funds which could pay for over 55% of the project's reimbursable costs.

The Abington School Building Committee would like to thank
State Representative Geoff Diehl and State Senator John Keenan
for attending the March 26th MSBA meeting with our ASBC representatives
and for speaking on behalf of Abington's residents!

(February 2014)

Pursuant to MSBA guidelines and requirements,
the Abington School Building Committee (ASBC), together with
the unanimous support of the Abington Board of Selectmen
and the Abington School Committee,
submitted the following school building proposal to the MSBA
as the Town of Abington's "Preferred Project Alternative":

The construction of a new
Grades 5-12 Co-located Middle/High School
to be located immediately behind the
existing Abington High School building
(which will thereafter be demolished)


Since the Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) was formed in 2012,
we have been working with our architects, project manager,
and other professional consultants to perform the required research and to
draft conceptual plans for a new school building in Abington.
Our reports and work to date have been submitted to the Massachusetts
School Building Authority (MSBA) for their professional review,
in order to ensure that Abington qualifies for state school construction
grant funding.  We invite you to attend one of our upcoming meetings;
all of our meetings are open to the public.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Want some quick answers to some common questions?

Based on your feedback, we've compiled some more
Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Do You Remember When?
For a brief history of past school construction in Abington,


CLICK the following Link to
to the 12/02/13 Joint Meeting NOW!
(A summary of Phase Two of the Feasibility Study)

NOTE:  This presentation includes the 1st draft of a proposed
new Grades 5-8 & 9-12 school building, but this draft building layout
has since been updated and replaced with an even more efficient
March 2014 layout.  The more recent building & site layout drafts
should be reviewed by the reader for the most up-to-date information,
but this 12/02/13 Video does provide significant information
about the various renovation/addition options which were studied
by the professional consultants and reviewed by the MSBA,
and which were found to require higher total construction costs,
longer construction schedules (2 yrs vs 3+ yrs) and difficulties in
trying to safely renovate an operating school building with 500+ students.


from Phase One of the Feasibility Study:

Please click the link below to review the information/slideshow
which was presented to a Joint Meeting of the Abington School Committee
and Board of Selectmen on Sept 9, 2013:

(Please be patient... it may take a 1-2 minutes to download all of the information)

OR CLICK the following Link to
to the 9/09/13 Joint Meeting NOW!

To read, download or print copies of each section
of the Feasibility Study (drafted dated 8/26/13),
please CLICK HERE to be taken
to the "Documents" section of this website.

   4262013_32442_0.png                 classroom today.jpg     
“The most impressive technology-rich classrooms don't look like classrooms.
Instead, they look like creative businesses on deadline — like advertising agencies
pulling together a big campaign, architectural firms drawing up blueprints,
or software companies developing new programs.
In "creative agency" classrooms such as this one, learning technologies enable students
to collaborate with peers, pursue their interests, publish their work to the world,
and take greater responsibility...”
Justin Reich, Published on May, 23 2012,  Education Week

[Note that every student has a laptop computer]
classroom college w laptops0.jpg

Want to watch something very interesting and informative?
At the April 2013 meeting of the Abington School Building Committee,
we watched a video presentation prepared by Sir Ken Robinson,
a world-renowned education and creativity expert.
It is a very thought-provoking 11-minute video which really makes you think.....

Want more??
For the United States to remain competitive in our ever changing world,
it is imperative that we understand a set of facts which impact our nation
and our educational systems.
“Shift Happens” provides some eye-opening facts for you to consider.    
We need to focus on the positive benefits and on doing what we can
to help children learn and grow so that they may become
successful digital, global citizens....

Portions of this website are still under construction;
thank you for your patience while we add features and information to better serve you.

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