171 Groveland Street 

    Open MOST Saturdays April – Nov. from 9:00 to 2:00
May be closed due to weather or availability of personnel
       More than just leaves and grass


We have a 30 yard roll off for that. Just about anything that is all metal ; Lawn furniture, lawn mowers, bikes, snow blowers. washers dryers, bits and pieces too. NO Refrigerators or A/Cs as they contain freon. You are responsible for placing it in the container, so please bring muscle if it is large. Free drop off. 

STYROFOAM .....We can collect clean styrofoam here. No fee

Rechargeable BATTERIES ...... Let's get batteries out of the waste stream. Bring them here for proper disposal. No fee

Fire Extinguishers .. Large size - $6 fee for disposal

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