When will the new Middle/High School be completed and ready for occupancy? (SEE UPDATED ANSWER!)

At the School Committee's meeting on 1/03/17, the Committee and Supt. Peter Schafer announced that due to the fact that the construction project was going so well (ahead of schedule & within budget), the town is preparing to move grades 5-12 and the Pre-K classes into the new school building for the start of the 2017-18 school year!   At the same time, grades 3 & 4 will be educated in the Woodsdale School, and grades K-2 will share the Beaver Brook Elementary School.  

Part of the school construction contract included the hiring of a professional moving company to move all of the new furnishings into the new school building, as well as to move the necessary desks, chairs, equipment into each of the other school buildings so they will each have their respective age-appropriate and size-appropriate furnishings.  Any furniture, computers or equipment existing in the current Abington High School building which is still in good condition will be used in the lower grades, so all grades should enjoy improved classroom space and educational equipment.  

All of the school administrative offices and the entire school maintenance department will be moved into the Frolio School building;  the North School and Center School will become vacant in the fall of 2017 and turned over to the Board of Selectmen.  The Selectmen and a future Town Meeting(s) will have to consider the future re-use or sale of those two school buildings, both of which were built in 1938-1939 under President Teddy Roosevelt!

For sports, varsity football, baseball and softball will continue to be played at Memorial Field, the Tom Graham baseball diamond, and the Carey softball fields (no changes).  Expect to see varsity soccer and lacrosse on the new turf playing fields and/or Reilly Field (grass) in the years to come. There will also be occasions when a football practice or a junior varsity/frosh football game may be played on the synthetic fields, and some future soccer or lacrosse games may be hosted under the lights of Memorial Field.  Schedules and field assignments will be prepared each season for AHS teams, and local youth sports will also be using these fields and facilities.