Will 5th graders be interacting with high school students? If not, how will the different age groups be separated?

Both the ASBC and the MSBA recognize the important need to separate the various age groups, given the real differences among "tweens and teens" relating to physical and emotional development, the desire to create a sense of security and comfort with their peers, and the different educational strategies used as children grow older. The floorplan, entrances and parking areas have been designed to utilize two very separate areas of the new school building for the Middles School and the High School . . . .

The Middle School wing (west side of building) will contain classroom space for the 5th & 6th grades on the first floor, and 7th & 8th grade classrooms will be located on the second floor.  The High School wing (east side of building) will also have a 1st & 2nd floor and will contain all classrooms for grades 9-12.  The Middle School and the High School will have its own separate entrances, separate offices, separate nurse/first aid offices, separate physical education locker rooms, and separate school start/end times.

Currently (2014), our school bus system transports 5th & 6th graders on one bus run, and 7-12th graders on a second bus run.  If the new Middle/High School is constructed, one bus run will transport 5-8th graders to/from the Middle School and a second bus run will transport the 9-12th graders to/from the High School.  The Middle School and High School will open and close at different times so that Middle School parent drivers, student walkers, and school buses will not be arriving or departing at the same time as High School drivers, walkers or school buses.

A look at the current floorplans for the proposed buildings will show that the layout of the building will create "two separate-but-connected schools".  Please click here to see the current proposed layout (March 2014) of the Middle / High School.