Will Abington's school project include improvements or expansions to our town's gymnasium space, any playing fields with synthetic turf, and/or the construction of a state-of-the-art auditorium?

The ongoing Feasibility Study will include a review of Abington's present and future needs for community meeting space, facilities for performing arts, and indoor and outdoor school athletic facilities.  As in almost every town, the town's schools are gathering places for its community, both for formal meetings and for enjoyable gatherings with family and friends at a game, show or concert.   Abington is one of very few local towns which does not now "own" an auditorium, which can serve multiple civic purposes:  drama shows, dance recitals, graduations, school assemblies, public speaker forums, Town Meetings, school concerts and public concerts, etc.  Additionally, our existing indoor athletic facilities are used almost every week of the year by Abington residents of all ages (not just school students) and the demand for indoor recreation space is expected to keep growing -- for future basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, wrestling and other school sports; for games and team practices; for school physical education classes; for youth and adult sports leagues, etc.  Finally, all of Abington's school playing fields are enjoyed by an ever-growing number of families whenever weather permits, and playing time and maintenance efforts are getting tighter each year.  The ASBC will be holding public forums in the late summer or fall of 2013 to solicit the ideas, opinions and comments from interested students, parents and residents.  We hope you will offer your ideas about how to best design and incorporate these types of future investments into our school construction proposal.  Please click on "Subscribe to News" on the ASBC website in order to receive future updates and notices about public forums.