83% of the voters at the October 18th Ballot Box Election voted Yes

83% of the voters at the October 18th
Ballot Box Election voted Yes!
Yes:    2,818
No:     595

Thank you for your vote of confidence in this school project!
With this vote, our School Building Committee will now move forward
with the preparation of detailed construction drawings, bid specifications, and other required bid documentation over the next several months. The project will go out to bid in the summer of 2015, and construction will likely start in the late fall of 2015 -- targeting an estimated completion date in late 2017!!  Click on our Timeline & Process link for more info.

Special Town Meeting Results:
At the Special Town Meeting held on Saturday morning, September 27th, Abington voters approved the funding for the proposed school building project !! The final vote tally was Yes 961 - No 20  (98%)
See video of the announcement of the voting totals
at the Special Town Meeting by clicking here!

To view a video of the entire Sept 27th Special Town Meeting, please click here (44 minute video)

Great News For Abington!

MSBA votes to formally approve state grant funding for Abington's proposed Middle/High School project! September 25, 2014:

The Abington School Building Committee (ASBC) is pleased to report that the Executive Board of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted yesterday to formally approve Abington's proposed new co-located Middle / High School with Pre-Kindergarten.

The Board approved a total facilities grant for the proposed project of up to $50,182,784. The approved total project budget of $96,400,000 encompasses the maximum project costs to be incurred, including the design and construction of the school and its playing fields, drainage systems, utilities and parking lots; demolition of the existing high school; the purchase and installation of technology infrastructure, new computers, furnishings and science equipment; 21st century technology and building security systems; and a $5,121,623 contingency budget.

State Treasurer Steven Grossman, Chairman of the MSBA, expressed his appreciation for the large contingent of Abington project representatives who attended the Board meeting in Boston, noting that it demonstrated the level of local support for the project.  Senator Keenan and Representative Diehl were in attendance and spoke in support of Abington's project.The Building Committee also appreciates and wishes to acknowledge the public support of the Abington Board of Selectmen, Abington School Committee, Abington Finance Committee, Abington Planning Board, Abington Education Foundation, Abington Green Wave Boosters, our various youth sports organizations, the Rotary Club, and the many Abington residents who have attended our meetings and public forums. The school feasibility study, the grant application process, and this successful MSBA vote have truly been a community wide effort for the Town of Abington.

The Abington School Building Committee would like to extend our thanks to the following local civic groups and town committees who recently voted to publicly endorse Abington's School Building Project and to support the town's application for state school construction grant funds:

  • Abington Board of Selectmen
  • Abington Finance Committee
  • Abington School Committee
  • Abington Education Foundation
  • Abington Rotary Club
  • Abington Green Wave Boosters

We appreciate your support and confidence in the School Building Committee's research and efforts.