Accounting Department

The Town Accountant is appointed by the Town Manager. The Town Accountant works alongside the Town Manager establishing and maintaining sound financial policies and related financial controls. Working with the various Departments, Boards, and Committees; they compile the annual budget, five-year capital plan, and five-year forecast.~

The Town’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR-see links) has achieved national recognition since its 2004 inception.~~

The Town Accountant, Treasurer, Assessor, Town Manager and the Assistant Town Manager comprise the Financial Team and jointly manage the day-to-day financial operations of the Town.

The Accounting function includes the weekly town-wide accounts payable, including processing all invoices, payrolls; and creating and submitting warrants for approval.~ The General Fund accounts are analyzed and reconciled monthly, along with the Water Special Revenue fund, Sewer and Golf Enterprise fund.

The office is responsible for filing the Department of Revenue (DOR) Schedule A Report and Free Cash Certification related reports. The Accounting Department oversees the annual audit and maintains fixed asset records. There are 200 general ledger funds with annual expenditures, including the two enterprise funds, which exceed $50,000,000.

The office is responsible for overseeing the budgeting function, including coordinating the annual budget process, assisting all departments in the preparation of their budget, and updating the Town Meeting approved budgets into the financial system. The Town Accountant, Treasurer, Assessor, Town Manager and the Assistant Town Manager prepare and communicate the Budget instructions and guidelines for the departments and the Finance Committee.

The department analyzes data and maintains statistics necessary for long- range planning and monitors spending against budget during the fiscal year.~ The department retains contracts, monitors contract spending and assists in the purchasing and RFP processes.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Suzanne Moquin Town Accountant
Lorrie Barry Assistant to the Town Accountant
Stela Zaloshnja Accounts Payable