Community Preservation

The CPC is now accepting project applications for FY 25! 

Step 1: Complete Phase I - Project Eligibility 

Step 2: Complete Phase II - Application for Funding

Step 3: CPC Vote

Step 4: Town Meeting Vote

Step 5: Funding Available July 1, 2024 

Email with any questions or call 781-982-2122. 


Maintenance: Funds may not be used to maintain any previously funded projects or town owned property. CPA is meant for capital improvements only.  Ex. Funds may be used to create walking paths within conservation property. Funds may not be used to buy a new lawn mower to maintain walking paths. 

Creation of History: Funds may not be used to create historical pieces since history can not be a new creation. CPA is meant to protect, preserve and restore historic artifacts and property. Ex. CPA funds can be used to preserve the outside of a historic building from weather and natural aging. CPA funds may not be used to build a new addition with furnishings on a historic building.

Indoor Recreation: Funds may not be used to build indoor recreation. CPA is meant to preserve or create natural recreation. Ex. CPA funds can be used to build an outdoor playground and fix a baseball field. CPA funds can not be used to build a new indoor gymnasium for a community center. 

Personal Property: Funds can not be used to fix personal property (with the exception of very few cases with historic buildings). Ex. CPA funds can be used to protect a town owned historic building with new siding. CPA funds can not be used to put new siding on a residents house built in 2000. 



Board Members

Bruce Hughes


Steven J. Wakelin


Vice Chairman

Susan Weaver


Amanda Zompetti



Kathy Creighton


Rachel Collins

Park & Rec Co-Rep

Joseph Phan


Ellen Delany


Jean Matiyosus