Conservation Commission

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Wetlands Protection Bylaw is to protect the wetlands, water resources, and adjoining land areas in Abington by controlling activities deemed by the Conservation Commission likely to have a significant or cumulative effect upon resource area values, including but not limited to the following public or private water supply, groundwater, flood control, erosion and sedimentation control, storm damage prevention including water quality, water pollution controls, fisheries, wildlife habitat, rare species habitat including rare plant species, agriculture, aquaculture, and recreation values, deemed important to the community (collectively the “resource area values protected by this Bylaw”).  This bylaw is intended to utilize the Home Rule authority of this municipality to protect additional resource areas, for additional values, with additional standards and procedures stricter than those of the Wetland Protection Act (MGL c. 131 Sec. 40) and Regulations thereunder (310 CMR 10.00).

Board Members

Name Title
Mike Noonan Member
Jerry Kelliher Member
Russell Forsythe Chair
James Tormey Vice Chair
Joe Feeney Member
Kathy Creighton Member
Mary Ellen Martin Associate Member
Joanne Demack-Harding Member