Abington Elderly Services Inc.

Abington Elderly Services, Inc.

Abington Elderly Services, Inc. was organized in 1978 for the primary purpose of supplementing public services to the elder citizens of Abington. It was the first such organization founded in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It became apparent to several members of the Council on Aging that some method of providing essential services, not always available through other channels, was vital to the concept of enabling senior residents to remain, for as long as possible in their own homes. Over the years financial support has been made available through numerous business organizations and private donors as well as bequests from several estates. The Abington Elderly are grateful for all past and future donations as they have allowed for important programs to be initiated or continued.

Board of Directors:

Lois Kelley – President

Ann Reilly – Vice President/Van Account Liaison

Mary Graham – Treasurer

Evelyn Drew

Tricia Force

Edward Reilly, Esq.


The Abington Elderly continues to this day to sponsor important projects and services for the seniors of Abington including: the construction of a fitness room dedicated to Abington’s Alice Frame complete with treadmill, recumbent bike, Bowflex strength machine and flat screen TV.

More recently the board established an office at the Senior Center, which on May 1st, 2010 was dedicated in honor of Judge Martha Ware.  Lastly, and not insignificantly, this very website has been graciously sponsored by the Abington Elderly Services, Inc. as a communications resource for the seniors of Abington.