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Abington contracts Boston Carting for waste management. Their contact information is (617)-541-4009. Boston Carting will also pick up bulk items for a $35 fee.  

Abington also has a Compost Site and Recycling Program located at 171 Groveland Street

The Groveland Street site is run by volunteers from the senior tax rebate program. The Compost Site is open most Saturdays from the beginning of April to the end of November. Hours are 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Leaves and grass clippings that are dropped off are ground into compost. A 30 yard rollover for the collection of scrap metal is also available. Abington residents are welcome to obtain compost and drop scrap metal off for free.

For a nominal fee, recycling of CRTs (televisions/computers and monitors) printers, propane tanks, air conditioners, microwaves, space heaters and mattresses are accepted at the compost site. Payment by checks only can be made at the site.

The mattress collection program is available year-round. During the Compost Site’s off-season, appointments can be made during Town Hall hours for residents to recycle their mattress and box springs. The fee is $30.00 per unit, payment by checks only can be made at the site.

Automated Curbside Collection Program: The Town of Abington utilizes automated collection for town recycling and municipal solid waste. 

Each housing unit in the town from One Family to Three Family units, including legal in-law, as well as one and up to three family units on a single land parcel received two 64-gallon totters, one for trash (GREEN LID) and one for recycling (YELLOW LID).

The totters are provided free of charge by the Town of Abington and remain the property of the Town of Abington.  These totters have a computer chip which are scanned assigning the totters to each eligible residential unit as set forth above. These specially designed totters have large wheels and an attached lid for easy placement at curbside.  The lid is attached to the handle of the totter and must be placed in the closed position at curbside. 

Questions and Answers Regarding Curbside Collection and the 2021 Contract 

Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory: Find out where to recycle, reuse, or repurpose clothing, outdated electronics and other items in Massachusetts by entering the material(s) you want to recycle in the search box.

Recycle Smart: Find out what is recyclable by putting your trash into search box. Watch informative videos on recycling and waste management. 

Home Composting:  Composting bins are available for purchase at Town Hall. The cost is $35. Please stop by the Health Department if you are interested in obtaining one.