Application and Regulations

 Body Art 

Body Art Regulations 
Body Art Establishment Application 
Body Art Practitioner Application 
Body Art / Body Piercing Apprentice Application  
Body Art Apprentice Task Sheet 
Body Piercing Apprentice Task Sheet 
Body Art Apprentice Time SheetApril 25, 2022
Body Art Declination Form 


Noise Regulations 
Plastic Bag Ban Regulation 
Emergency Beaver Trapping Application 
Emergency Beaver Trapping Consent Form 

Food Establishments and Food Truck 

Food Code Regulations 
Food Establishment Application 
Ice Cream Truck Application and CORI Request Form 
Banning Styrofoam in Food Establishments 
Outside Dining Cafe Application 
Temporary Food Application and Checklist 


Funeral Director Permitting Regulations 
Funeral Director PermitM


Tenant Rights 
Lead Paint  
Deleading and Lead-Safe Renovation Regulations 
Asbestos Removal Permit Application  
Tenens Rights  


Marijuana Regulation

 Public Pools and Beaches 

Bathing Beach Regulations 
Semi-Public Pools Regulations 
Swimming Pool Permit 

Septic and Disposal 

Title 5

Floor Drain Regulations 
Septic Hauler Application 
Disposal Workers 
Percolation Request Form 


Tanning Regulations 
Tanning Application  


Tobacco Regulations

Workplace Smoking Restrictions 
Regulation Prohibiting Smoking in Private Clubs 
Modernizing Tobacco RegulationMay 25, 2017
Minimum Standards for Retail Sale Of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems 
Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Product Sales Permit Application 

 Trash and Recycling 

Trash & Recycling Rules & Regulations 
Illegal Dumping Regulation 
Massachusetts Waste Ban Regulations 
Dumpster Regulations 
Unattended Donation Box Regulations 
Trash Hauler Application 
 Dumpster Permit Application 


Private Well Regulations  
Private Well Application 
Private Well Guidelines