New Automated Curbside Collection Program for Abington

 Dear Residents:

On August 1, 2012, the Town of Abington will change the curbside collection method for recycling and municipal solid waste to a more efficient, cleaner and cost saving method called automated collection.  Each housing unit in the town from One Family to Three Family units including legal in-law, as well as one and up to three family units on a single land parcel will receive two 64 gallon totters, one for trash (GREEN LID) and one for recycling (YELLOW LID).  The totters will be provided free of charge by the Town of Abington and will remain the property of the Town of Abington.  These totters will have a computer chip which will be scanned assigning the totters to each eligible residential unit as set forth above. These specially designed totters will have large wheels and an attached lid for easy placement at curbside.  The lid is attached to the handle of the totter and must be placed in the closed position at curbside

The new automated system of collection will reduce costs by having one person, the driver collect the trash and recycling at curbside using a front load arm which will extend to the totter, picking up the totter and dumping the contents into the front load system.  The totter will then mechanically be returned to its previous position.  There will be a second truck for recycling which will operate in the same manner.

Massachusetts communities are going to this method of collection to save money, provide a better service, reduce blown trash at curbside, increase recycling and to maintain the program within the budget.  When the program begins on August 1, 2012, the town will be able to purchase the totters, expand services to include two yard waste collection days and Christmas tree collection at curbside, all within the current FY 12 appropriation of $1,010,685.00.  Next fiscal year, the automated program will save the town an estimated $340,000.

This section of the website will contain information pertaining to the Automated Collection program.

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