Highway Department

The Town of Abington Highway, Park & Vehicle Maintenance Department is currently staffed with the following positions.

  • 1 Superintendent  ( acting)
  • 1 Assistant Superintendent  (vacant)
  • 2 Part Time Administrative Assistants
  • 2 Heavy Equipment Operators
  • 3 CDL Truck Drivers
  • 1 Head Mechanic
  • 1 Laborer Mechanic

The responsibilities of this Department includes the care, custody and maintenance of more than 225 roadways including sidewalks and right of ways, bridges, ditches and brook clearing, drainage systems, both above and below ground, tree maintenance, parking lots and walkways to all Municipal and School properties, line striping of road and parking lots, signage, traffic and street light repair and maintenance and the list goes on and on.

Vehicle Maintenance is a priority service under the umbrella of the Highway Department. All Town Departments rely and benefit from the services in the Vehicle Maintenance division of this Department, from the heavy equipment of the Highway Department and Fire Department to the special equipment of the Police Department, including the pumps and generators of the Sewer and Water Departments, to ALL the small mowers and equipment used by the Park Department. They also maintain and order ALL the vehicles owned by the Town of Abington.  This Division supplies diesel, gas, oil and anti-freeze to all the various Town Departments at the Depot located at the Highway Compound and the administration of all repairs and purchases are handled by the Highway Department.

The Highway Department took over the duties of the Park Department when it was unfunded and now maintains All fields and town owned land including the 5 Schools, Town Hall/Library, 2 Fire Departments, Police Department, The NEW Council on Aging, 7 Ball Fields and the Island Grove Pond Area.

The Highway Department handles an extremely heavy workload year round, weather events such as snow and ice or heavy winds and hurricanes or rain storms with heavy flooding are a very common challenge.  During the summer months the Department performs heavy duty construction tasks such as road building or drainage system upgrade and repairs along with all of the regular assignments such as Street Sweeping and general spring clean up including preparing the Island Grove swim area for use during the summer months.


John J. Caine