Planning Board

The primary responsibility of the Abington Planning Board under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 41, Section 81D, as with all cities and towns is to prepare a Comprehensive Master Plan to guide the growth and development of the community.  The Town of Abington Master Plan, was comprehensively updated in 2009.  The Master Plan consists of several important Elements, including, strategies for accomplishing goals for Land Use, Open Space and Recreation, Economic Development, Circulation and Transportation, Housing, Historic and Cultural Resources and Public Facilities.  The Land Use Element of the Master Plan serves as the basis for the Zoning By-Law and Map and the Town uses the Master Plan as the public policy statement to guide future growth and development and in decision-making for making public improvements.  The Planning Process is a continuing effort for the Planning Board and the Board seeks to keep the Master Plan relevant to changes and current conditions through periodic review and updates.

The 2009 Master Plan Update is posted on this Web site as well as the 2019 Master Plan Update. The 2019 Master Plan updates of the Land Use and Cultural Resources Element of the Master Plan that was completed with assistance of the Conway School. Importantly, the recent Plan update includes an Economic Development Supplement. The Supplement is a current statement of the Master Plan’s Goals and strategies for Economic Development, Open Space, Recreation and Affordable Housing. Interested parties will also find on this web site the 2014 Open Space and Recreation Plan which effectively updated the Open Space and Recreation Element of the Master Plan; the Abington Zoning By-Law; Route 18 at Route 139 Road Safety Audit 2011; the Route 58 Corridor Study 2010; as well as important administrative requirements, forms and procedures of the Planning Board.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Elizabeth Shea 781-982-0069
Kevin Cogan 781-982-0069

Board Members

Name Title
Bruce Hughes Chairman
Jeff Rangel Vice-Chairman
Robert Soper Board Member
Rick Shepherd Clerk
Richard J. Collins. II Board Member