Sewer Department

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Abington Sewer Department is to provide cost effective wastewater conveyance with a high priority on courteously serving the public, preventing property back-ups and sewer system overflows and protecting the environment. This Department is charged with inspecting, maintaining and protecting the Town's enormous capital investment in its sewer infrastructure.This mission is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork and coordination with other service providers within the Town of Abington. 

The Town of Abington Municipal Sewer System consists of: 

  • 90 miles of gravity and force main pipe ranging in size from 1.25" to 18" in diameter.
  • 1,692 sewer manholes.
  • 12 sewer pump stations containing a total of 27 pumps ranging in size from 1.5hp to 60hp, 15 emergency generators and transfer switches for back-up power, and 13 wet wells.
  • 4,849 property connections.
  • Approximately 95% of the Town's sewer effluent is conveyed to the City of Brockton's Oak Hill Way Wastewater Treatment Facility with the remainder conveyed to te Town of Rockland's Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Town of Abington is co-permitees of each wastewater treatment plant.
  • The Town of Abington is allotted a maximum average of 1 MGD to the City of Brockton and 110,000 gallons per day to the Town of Rockland. Both Inter-municipal Agreements contain strict geographical areas for allowable sewer connections.
  • The Town of Abington is mandated by each Inter-municipal Agreement, the EPA and the DEP to maintain and inspect the sewer system with semi-annual reports submitted to all parties.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
John F. Stone Superintendent