Electrical Notice!

Sample Bill!

n the mail this week, you received information about Abington’s Community Choice Power supply program. This was sent DIRECTLY from the Town. We understand you may have questions about why the town has chosen to do this. We promise it is to the benefit of our residents.


1. Your National Grid bill is split into two parts: Delivery and Supply. As a town, we are entering into a Municipal Aggregation Program changing our supplier to Direct Energy Services.

2. You will still receive ONE bill which will come from National Grid. The only difference is the Supply section will now list Direct Energy Services instead of National Grid. All you need to do is pay your National Grid bill as normal. If you are enrolled in a payment plan that will stay in effect.

3. Abington’s supply service program will give charge $.028490 per kWH from January 2023 to April 2023 compared to National Grid’s price of $.33891 per kWH (National Grid rates change every 6 months) resulting in cost savings for you.

4. May-November, Abington’s supply service program will charge $.13480 per kWH. National Grid’s rate is unknown at this time as it changes every six months.

5. This program is expected to collectively save residents over $699,000 this winter.

The Town will let you know if you should opt- out of the Community Choice Power Supply Program come summer when National Grid reconfigures its rates. We will let you know through the town website, social media, and a Code Red announcement. Opt-ing out is easy and can be done online or over the phone.

Please review our FAQs which can answer many of your questions about the program.

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