Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s office provides a variety of services to the Town.  

  • Update and maintain census which allows us to publish the Persons Listed Books
  • Maintain the file of zoning decisions and certify zoning decisions.
  • Maintain record of street layouts and pole locations.
  • License underground storage facilities.
  • License Dogs and Kennels.
  • Issue marriage certificates by the filing of intentions
  • Maintain vital records back to the year 1712, our year of incorporation and provide residents with certified copies of births, deaths, and marriages.
  • Register voters and certify nomination papers, petitions, process of absentee ballots and manage all aspects of elections both Town and Federal.  Swear in appointed and elected officials.
  • Records minutes of the Town Meetings and apply to the State when there are any changes to the Charter and/or the Bylaws.
  • Maintain a log of letters of disclosure and a file of State Ethics Commission receipts for the online training program.
  • Maintain posting board for all meeting agendas.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Leanne M. Adams Town Clerk
Barbara Comoletti Assistant Town Clerk


Name Title
William Tuttle, Esq. Registrar
Marie Brown Registrar
Leanne M. Adams Registrar
Linda Dickey Registrar