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The Town Clerk’s office provides a variety of services to the Town.  

  • Update and maintain census which allows us to publish the Persons Listed Books
  • Maintain the file of zoning decisions and certify zoning decisions.
  • Maintain record of street layouts and pole locations.
  • License underground storage facilities.
  • License Dogs and Kennels.
  • Issue marriage certificates by the filing of intentions
  • Maintain vital records back to the year 1712, our year of incorporation and provide residents with certified copies of births, deaths, and marriages.
  • Register voters and certify nomination papers, petitions, process of absentee ballots and manage all aspects of elections both Town and Federal.  Swear in appointed and elected officials.
  • Records minutes of the Town Meetings and apply to the State when there are any changes to the Charter and/or the Bylaws.
  • Maintain a log of letters of disclosure and a file of State Ethics Commission receipts for the online training program.
  • Maintain posting board for all meeting agendas.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Leanne M. Adams Town Clerk 781-982-2112
Barbara Comoletti Assistant Town Clerk 781-982-2112


Name Title
William Tuttle, Esq. Registrar
Marie Brown Registrar
Leanne M. Adams Registrar