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All registered voters in Abington are invited and highly encouraged to attend. We need our voter engagement to keep our government working!

The 2024 Annual Town Meeting will be held on Monday, April 1 at 7PM at the Abington High School/ Middle School Auditorium.

The Annual Town Meeting warrant is currently open and will close on Monday, February 12, 2024. Citizens petition information can be found here.

Stay updated with Town Meeting Articles and other information on our 2024 Annual Town Meeting page.


A Town Meeting is both an event and an entity. As an event, it is a gathering of a town’s eligible voters, and is referred to as “the Town Meeting.” As an entity, it is the legislative body for towns in Massachusetts, and is referred to simply as “Town Meeting.”

Town Meeting decides three major things:

  • It sets the salaries for the elected officials.
  • It votes to appropriate money to run the town.
  • It votes on the town’s local statutes, which are called by-laws.

Each town must hold an annual Town Meeting. Additional Town Meetings are called special meetings. They may be called as many times during the year, as necessary.


Staff Contacts

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