COVID19 Alert: Online and Mail Payments Encouraged

Town Hall is open to the public, and the Treasurer-Collector's Office is fully staffed and ready to serve you! There are still ways to pay remotely to reduce exposure and protect yourself and our staff: 

  • Pay online! Online e-check payments are a flat $0.25 fee, cheaper than a stamp! Click on Online Payments to the left to get started.
  • If you choose to pay by mail, please use the envelope provided with your bill so the payment goes to our lockbox in Boston instead of the Town Hall address; this ensures quick and accurate posting of your payment. Checks must be accompanied by the remittance coupon in order to be processed.
    • Motor vehicle payments should be mailed to PO BOX 981051, Boston MA 02298-1051.
    • Real Estate & Personal Property payments should be mailed to PO Box 981049, Boston MA 02298-1049.

Payments can still be left in the dropbox outside of Town Hall or mailed to the Town Hall address. Please note that we are still seeing delays with the postal service so allow plenty of time for your payment to reach us if you choose to mail it. Online bill pay through your bank often takes a couple weeks to arrive so be sure to schedule your payment well in advance to avoid interest and fees. 

All questions should be directed to the Treasurer-Collector by clicking on Sonia Hodge's name in the list of contacts on the Treasurer-Collector's webpage. She will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we look forward to brighter days ahead--we're nearly there!