Tax Due Dates

Real Estate & Personal Property taxes are due as follows: 

1st QtrAugust 1
2nd QtrNovember 1
3rd QtrFebruary 1
4th QtrMay 1




Demands are mailed for unpaid Real Estate and Personal Property bills shortly after the 4th Qtr payment is due, and they are due 14 days after mailing. If any payment is received past the due date, there could be interest due on your 4th Qtr bill, so you may want to call the office to verify the amount you should pay to avoid receiving the $20 demand. 

Motor Vehicle excise taxes are due 30 days after the issuance of the bill. If you owned and registered your vehicle by January 1st, your bill will be mailed during the month of February.  If you bought a car and registered it during the calendar year,  you should expect to receive an excise tax bill for that vehicle within 2 to 3 months. $20 demands are mailed shortly after the due date for all unpaid balances, and they are due 14 days after mailing. See the Motor Vehicle Taxes section for more information.


Payments may be made several ways: 

  • Credit cards are accepted at our counter inside Town Hall or online (convenience fees apply). 
  • E-checks are accepted online with a $0.25 fee per transaction.
  • Cash and checks are accepted at the counter, at the drive-through around the back of the building, or at the drop-box in front of the building. If using the drop-box, please include your payment and stub within an envelope to ensure proper posting.

We discourage initiating payments from your bank's online bill pay, since the payments often take 1-2 weeks to arrive at Town Hall after the date you enter on their website, which means you could end up with interest and fees due. If those checks do not have all the correct information on them, the payment could be applied to someone else's tax account. This causes headaches for everyone involved. Instead, we recommend you pay online using the Online Payment link to the left. If you use your checking account, the cost is only $0.25. This is well worth it for the confidence you get knowing the payment is received immediately and that it is being applied to the correct account.