Motor Vehicle Taxes

Excise tax bills are mailed to vehicle owners based on the records maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The registry obtains their data from the vehicle owners and their insurance companies. If you have a change of address, it is very important that you communicate the information to your insurance company and change the address for your license and vehicles with the Registry on a timely basis.

The majority of our excise tax bills are usually mailed to taxpayers in February of each calendar year. Excise tax bills for dealer, repair, and farm plates are mailed later in the calendar year based on when we receive the information from the Registry. If you have not received a bill by mid-February, you may call the office to find out whether a bill was issued to you. We cannot waive fees or interest, even if the post office does not deliver your bill. Per M.G.L Ch. 60A, Sect. 2, failure to receive an excise bill does not affect it's validity.

If a car was purchased in the last couple of months of the previous calendar year, the Registry may not have provided the information to the Town in time for the February mailing. These bills along with bills for vehicles purchased, registered, and/or reregistered throughout the current calendar year are billed in subsequent mailings.

Partial payments are not accepted for motor vehicle bills. Mailed payments that are incomplete or lacking the appropriate interest or late fees will be returned to the taxpayer with a note. Due to the delay this causes, additional fees may be added to the account by the time a corrected payment is received. For this reason, please call the office to make sure your new check is written for the right amount by asking if any new fees need to be included. 

Once a past due bill is flagged at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for nonpayment, the bill may only be paid with a money order or by calling the Deputy Collector at 508-747-4344 to pay over the phone with a card (3% surcharge applies to phone payments). 


For specific questions and additional information, please contact the tax collector's office.